Why Rent with Us? - Property Rentals in North Cyprus

If you are looking to rent a property in North Cyprus please visit our Rental Properties for our current selection

Reasons to rent with and through Ian Smith Estates

  • Long Term Rentals (ie: a minimum of 6-months) undertaken since 2010
  • No rent no fee
  • Friendly English and Turkish speaking staff who will advise as to the likely rental income
  • As a standard service, we will prepare property details, market and advertise
  • Undertake accompanied viewings
  • Negotiate rent and terms and draw up Tenancy Agreement
  • We will adhere strictly and stringently to any Landlord requirements
  • We offer an optional Property Management Service
  • As Property Managers we will ensure collection of rental income and payment of Government taxes each month
  • Colour Rental Brochure
  • Local advertising
  • Full colour A4 window display
  • Straight talking and honest advice

Please email for any enquiries regarding rentals.